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About us

The group of historical fencing Rád sv. Galahada (Order of St. Galahad) was founded in november 1994. At it`s beginning stood small group of enthusiasts, who imagined beneath the term Middle Ages not only period of darkness, fanatic wars and famines but also incredibly interesting period in life of Europe, which lay the foudations of present west culture and civilization. In historical movies this period of golden age of knighthood is mostly presented as a fight of good knights against bad ones for wealth or respect of virtuous ladies in beautiful dresses. Of course, this and much more you can see in our performancies.

In past years of our existence we have made many performancies through all Slovakia. Castles, festivals, cultural summers, fairs, town and country festivals, corporate events and others are our usual places for performing. We have organized Bratislavské hradné hry, which was cultural event with international participation. During our wanderings over Europe we have visited also Castle Festival in hungarian Visegrad, Knight's Tournament in polish Gniew, Sowinec and Błędowska desert, czech Uhersky Ostroh, Ostrava and Kunín and french Cheatau de Baux.

We do fencing, theatre or demonstration of medieval camp. As our speciality we are reconstructing unit of the Teutonic Order. As this unit we usually appear in parades or battle reenacments. With our costumes, equipment and fencing we try to reconstruct the life of middle and western Europe, and even the crusader states in the east in the period of second half of the 13th century.

If you want to see us in your action or city festival, contact us.